After working in the industry for 18 years for one of the biggest landscaping companies in the country, and attending to numerous training courses and small engine schools, owner Edgar Munoz finally  decided in May 2005 to run a business that would help Landscapers in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan areas to have their needs in equipment repairs DONE at their own yards.

Most of the time equipment gets repaired the same day, with a number of different services, Landscapers don't have to go to 4 or 5 different shops to have their trucks PM's done or their trailers serviced.


       Wheel and brake jobs get done right on the spot.

About Us
            Owner Edgar Munoz in the late 80's
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With the mobile unit having a welder  any fabrication is possible at the jobsite, have any ideas of what you want done? we will gladly work with you to have it done.
Affordable and reliable, that's who we are.
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Serving the Washinton Metropolitan Area
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